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PU Resin for Synthetic Leather

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Model : HS-1000N-1, HS-1010D, HS-2090TS, HS-2039TF, DL-75 Etc.

HS T&C is supplying PU resin for synthetic leather to various leather manufacturer such as Daewoo, Kolon and so on.

PU resin for synthetic leather
Liquid type PU resin(HS-THAN SERIES) can make good elastic and tough film layer by roll coating on various textile and split leather.
It can be widely applied to make high quality synthetic leather that needs special property such as durability, moisture and air permeability. And also can be used for material of shoes, garments and other high tech materials. It can be broke up wet/dry type synthetic leather and PU coated split leather according to its purpose.

PU resin for wet type synthetic leather
It is liquid PU for wet process using micro fiber. It forms micro cell and dyes well.
Micro cells that were formed by exchanging DMF for water give skin layer air permeation, massing, soft touch and so on.

PU resin for dry type synthetic leather
It can be classified one component system and two component system. Various kinds of products that have special property are developed according to usage such as weathering resistance, anti-hydrolysis, wear resistance, light stability, etc...
It can be used for various synthetic leather by transfer coating process that transfer laminated PU resin on silicon paper to non-woven textile.
It is suitable for wide range of synthetic leather such as shoes, garment, bag by considering kind of backing cloth and production process (wet, dry, semi lamination) according to its usage.

PU resin for dry type PU coated split leather
Many products are developed which can make its value higher and is suitable for the specialized leather using dry type and wet type film.
It applied to manufacture similar grain leather by way of transfer coating process that transfer laminated PU resin on silicon paper to split leather. It is called PU resin for action leather.

Water base PU resin
It is proenvironmental PU resin and is launching new products by usage. Now we are enlarging its application field to shoes, garments and so on.
Various products are developed such as skin, binder, dipping process PU resin, which can be used for shoes and garment.