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Adhesive for Shoes (PU CR) Primer

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Model : A-530, A-610TF, A-588TF, 8250, 7200L, A-230H, PR-700F-2, PR-730 Etc,

HS T&C is exporting adhesives for shoes to various shoes manufacturer such as Adidas in Vietnam, Asics in China and so on.

Adhesive for shoes
Through constant R&D for immediate coping with customer's request, shoes adhesive of HS T7C is positioned to be trustable brand in oversea market not only domestic one.

Water base adhesive
Toxic volatile components are not released to the air by using water instead of organic solvents and it can be used safely without fire risk. Especially, it has good property on porous materials and proenvironmental product.

Hotmelt adhesive
It is non solvents adhesive that is solid at room temperature and used after melting.
Hot-melt products can be made with block type, pellet type and film type according to customer's demands.

Solvent base adhesive
It is the products that include organic solvent such as toluene free base and toluene including one and consists of cements, primers and cleaners. Now, harmful components are excluded gradually with considering environmental issue.