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Coating Agent for Weatherstrip

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Model : HSL-770K-2, HSC-2000-2, HSL-9500K, HSP-500 Etc.

HS T&C is exporting coating agent for weather strip, adhesive for automobile and various kinds of adhesives for special uses to various overseas company in USA, China and so on.

Coating agent for weatherstrip
Coating agent for weatherstrip that has been used for long time in the most famous cars in the world is getting more trust from customers due to good property and work efficiency.
HS T7C urethane and silicon type coating agent which are fit to EPDM and thermoplastic material can make them get good looking and high resistant to abrasion. It expands its application to other industry such as electric appliances not only car parts.

Coating agent for Glass run
It is applied to the most famous cars in the world thanks to excellent anti-freezing effect, weathering resistance and noise reduction. Main components -urethane and transmutation type provide superior wear resistance to Glass run.
Products lineup consists perfectly according to line type and speed. Ungrudging technical support makes it possible to choose right product that meets customer's demands. Also, water base products are prepared.

Coating agent for sponge
We have urethane, silicon and modified type coating agents that can provides fineness, low friction coefficient and other property that car maker demands to sponge rubber. And our products are adequate to various application methods and working efficiency that customer needs.
We have coating agent for composite and water base product. Our coating agents that are suitable to various materials and line types make customers easy to work and many famous car makers is choosing HS T&C products.

Other products for weather strip
We produce chemical products for all kinds of weather strip such as primer and adhesive for flocking and adhesion improver for both faces tape, marking ink and so on.